If you didn’t get the message yet, I, Metalhead Ned am leaving WGRD!

It’s crazy to think I have been here for 7 years! So in my last week, I want to share some of my most favorite memories of working at this great radio station.

One of my favorite memories at WGRD and life, would be when I interviewed Brendon Small from Dethklok and creator of Metalocalypse.

I have a lot of love for music, but the man embodies everything that is great about heavy metal and overall creativity. If you were ever to ask me the question of "If you could change bodies with someone for a day, who would be it?"

It would be Brendon Small.

The guy is a metal master, voice actor, animator, and overall REALLY nice dude. He just kind of encompasses a lot of what I hope to be someday, a person who is just good at what he does and enjoys it. I respect the hell out of this guy.

I'm not starstruck a lot these days, but I for the first time lost my 'cool' when I met Brendon, it just really meant a lot to me.

You know when people get married and they send an invite to the president of the United States? Well, I didn't want to send one to Obama, and I wanted to send one to Brendon...no joke.

Plus the Dethalbums? Just brilliant. The first album was fun, but the 2nd and 3rd albums are just sick. Every time I hear 'Bloodlines' or 'I Ejaculate Fire,' the guitar and sheer power of music sends chills down my arms.

Getting to meet him was just a highlight of life, and I still love this interview. Maybe someday our paths will cross again.

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