Cartoon extreme metal masters Dethklok came to life last night (Aug. 7) at the Adult Swim Festival, playing their first live show in three years. Although Metalocalypse, the show, has been defunct for years, fan-love for the late night mock musicians remains strong, as you can see in audience-filmed videos below.

The block party at the Fishtown Fillmore complex in Philadelphia wrapped up three days of events revolving around some of Adult Swim's biggest shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Rick and Morty, The Venture Bros. were all featured and the weekend concluded with the human musicians behind the animated Dethklok taking the stage.

Fans have been stoked after news came out a few months ago that a Metalocalypse movie was in the hopper. Former Testament drummer and Dethklok live player Gene Hoglan revealed that the band is working on a new movie and new musicMetalocalypse creator Brendon Small, Dethklok guitarist and voice of Nathan Explosion, talked to radio station 93.3 WMMR about the project. "We’re in production right now. So we’re right in the middle of making the movie, so all the questions that were still lingering after ‘The Doomstar Requiem’ — a one-hour long rock opera special — are being answered," he explained. "I don’t wanna say too much about it, but it’s a very big project. We’re all excited to be knee deep in it right now.” He said Adult Swim is managing the release date. Fan-shot footage and the full setlist can be seen below.

This show was potentially cathartic for Small. He reported last Friday (Aug. 5) that his studio was robbed and the thieves ripped off 12 guitars. Small tweeted, "LOS ANGELES...My studio was robbed. Guitars stolen...Keep an eye out for: Les Paul Goldtop 57 reissue, Ibanez JS24 Orange, Ibanez Jem Universe, MOOG guitar black, Gibson Thunderhose prototype, Gibson SG tobacco burst 12 string, Gibson SG Standard black, Gibson Les Paul 59 Tobacco burst reissue, Gibson Buckethead Studio Les Paul, Kramer 1984, unfinished Warmoth strat (maple top), Fender 54 Custom shop strat reissue." If you can help Brendon out, message him on Twitter.

Dethklok at Adult Swim Block Party- Philadelphia, PA 8.7.22

Dethklok "Go Into the Water"- Philadelphia, PA 8.7.22

Dethklok Adult Swim Festival 2022 - Philadelphia Aug. 7 Setlist (per

Briefcase Full of Guts
Birthday Dethday
The Gears
Black Fire Upon Us
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
I Ejaculate Fire
The Duel


Go Into the Water

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