Updates From AlternaChick Jasmine
Our model friend and AlternaChick, Jasmine has been hard at working shooting around Grand Rapids. I got a note in my inbox from her last week with some of her latest projects!
It’s An AlternaChick Halloween
Halloween is around the corner which means it's time for some crazy Halloween costumes! Our AlternaChick photographer, Jason Hite, of Hite Design and Photography captured these not so long ago. For some reason masks like the one our AlternaChick Bryne is wearing creep me the freak out...
Wish Our AlternaChick Chelsie-Lee Good Luck!
I don't just have friends, I have 5 best friends! Well one of them is competing for Miss Michigan USA this weekend, and she happens to not only be one of my nearest and dearest, but one of our AlternaChicks, Chelsie Lee!
AlternaChick Tiffany Models In Photography Workshop
I was catching up with Tiffany last night and much like the photography workshop I did with Tim Priest, Tiffany was involved in another one with numerous photographers and got some killer photos back! Check out the latest work from Tiffany, and add her on facebook while your at it by clicking HERE.
AlternaChick Ashlie Rings In The New Year
To break out the new year, I decided to be adventurous and shoot in the snow! I've never shot in the winter, but man, it was a blast to play in the snow wearing almost nothing. As for New Years Eve, I fortunately didn't do anything crazy like go out on the town...
AlternaChick Delaney Talks About The New Year
Catching up with Delaney and she told me a little bit about what her New Year involved!
"I usually don't do the whole New Year's resolutions thing, mostly because everyone does it and so by default that makes me want to rebel and not do it...
AlternaChick Tiffany Enters Sexy Miss Claus Contest
Yesterday night I heard from Tiffany, she wanted to catch us up on her holiday break this far including her Sexy Miss Claus contest!
Hey there everyone! This weekend was awesome! My parents came to visit my sisters and I for Christmas! :) We opened gifts on Thursday night, Friday we spent almost the …

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