Marcona on Lyon hasn't even been open for two years and is sadly closing their doors for good.

The announcement was made in a Facebook post from the Mediterranean restaurant.

The current, and short term business environment is not healthy for our small restaurant to continue. We have had a clear-eyed look at the big picture moving forward and it is not sustainable for our business model.

The restaurant's chef and partner, Matt Overdevest, says he plans on starting an in-home chef service; and is encouraging anyone who is hiring to consider his former employees.

The restaurant has been closed since March 20, just a few days after the first stay-at-home order. However, just recently made the decision (at least to announce) to close down permanently.

Marcona on Lyon opened in October of 2018 on Lyon St.NE in Grand Rapids.

After being closed for dine-in for almost two months, restaurants in Michigan are collectively coming together to ask Governor Whitmer to allow them to reopen on the 29th, the day after the stay-at-home order ends.

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