With one weekend of NFL regular season football left, it comes down to the wire for some teams. One wild card spot is still open in each of the two conferences.

But it's that NFC Wildcard spot that's likely the most intriguing, and the Lions' last hope for getting in on this incredible end to the season, is in the hands of a former Lions QB... sort of.

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Sunday will shake out to be interesting. The Lions/Packers Game was flexed to Prime Time Sunday night, meaning it will be the final game of the regular season, and not without drama attached.

Green Bay is in a "Win and Get In" scenario. No matter what, if Green Bay beats Detroit (in Lambeau), they get that final playoff spot.

It's a little more complicated for the Lions to get in, though. Heading into this past weekend, they needed losses from Washington and Seattle, AND to win out the final two games of the season.

Washington Loss: Check
Beat the Bears: Check

So all that remains is a final win against the Packers, and a Seattle Loss. And low and behold, it seems the Lions have been playing the long game MUCH longer than we originally thought.

The Seahawks are playing the LA Rams, and right now, Seattle is a heavy favorite to win. But Detroit might have the edge with an inside man on the job - Matthew Stafford.

Stafford hasn't been officially cleared to play, and likely won't be on the field in pads on Sunday, but he's clearly a trustworthy voice in the locker room and on the sideline.

He still pulls a lot of weight on the team, and It has Lions Fans reaching out to him like Mufasa's spirit to Simba in "The Lion King".... "Remember who you are!"

We have to imagine, if Stafford really is who we hope he is, he's going to will his team to a win, and leave the playoffs in the hands of Dan Campbell and crew!

Stafford was traded from Detroit to LA in 2020, then took the Rams to a Super Bowl victory last season. This year, though, hasn't been so great for the Rams. He injured his neck in December, and was listed on the team's Injured Reserve. They were officially knocked out of the playoffs two weeks ago, so again, there's almost no chance he plays against Seattle on Sunday afternoon.

BUT, that doesn't mean Stafford isn't still without purpose, even for Detroit. In his 11 seasons with the Lions, he only made the playoffs three times, and lost all three appearances in Wild Card games.

This is Stafford's chance to give the Lions their first legitimate chance at a Playoff appearance, and win, since 2017... even if it is with a headset on.

Turns out, him leaving in 2020 may have just been the Lions playing the long game, and putting a man on the inside for this very moment... as Loki would say, it's his "Glorious Purpose!"

So this Sunday, Matt Stafford... "Remember who you Are," and fulfill your 2022-23 "Glorious Purpose"... Will your team to BEAT SEATTLE, and leave the rest to us!

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