Alright alright alright!  Matthew McConaughey is in yet another movie and in this one, he doesn't look like his typical hunky, jacked self. 

McConaughey was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about new movie where he had to gain 47 pounds for the role.  47 pounds!  Most people wish they could lose that much, let alone gain that much!  McConaughey said that at his house, Fridays were pizza night and that in order to gain the weight, pizza night became Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning as well!  That sounds like the life!  McConaughey also said that no one ever really asked why he was gaining the weight, but he said that he was happy that he could lose it again after the movie.

McConaughey also talked about his time in Vietnam when he decided to jump in a snake pit.  Yes, you read that right.  A snake pit!

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