You may have seen our thrilling adventure where we hunted Bigfoot with Sleep / High on Fire riff lord Matt Pike. While we waited for the Sasquatch to arrive, however, we had Pike put together a tier list of conspiracies and cryptids.

Pike had plenty of favorites to throw in the god tier. Bigfoot itself was given the honor as Pike pondered the elusive creature’s existence. “I believe that Bigfoot could very possibly exist and probably does, and if not, I’m all wrong about my feelings,” Pike says. “The whole world is about our feelings now and how do you think Sasquatch feels if you don’t believe in him?”

As for the worst conspiracy of all time, Pike gives that honor to flat Earth. “I’m sorry,” Pike begins. “Some people have tried to prove this to me, but flat Earth is just ridiculous. I can fathom it in my mind in an airplane, you know what I mean? I’ve studied it to be like, ‘Are you sure that these people aren’t on to something?” I can’t believe the flat Earth thing, and if it is [true], fuck my life.”

Pike continues, “I’m not dissing on you… If you believe that, that’s what you believe. You have that right. If the science makes sense to you, cool. I can’t believe that one, I don’t buy into that one.”

See where Matt Pike rates aliens, Slender Man, the Moon landing and more, watch his conspiracy/cryptid tier list below. Matt’s debut solo album, Pike vs. the Automaton, is out now. Click here to grab a copy.

Conspiracy/Cryptid Tier List with Matt Pike

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