Telekinetic Yeti are a stoner metal duo from Iowa, who are set to unfurl their second album, Primordial, right as the summer temperatures soar, leaving most of us in a sun-baked haze that's amplified by the band's mammoth riffs and sloth pace. So, while you check them out, they're here to school you on the Best 21st Century Stoner Metal Bands.

Stoner metal is a style that can be comfortably filed under the ambiguous "you'll know it when you hear it" adage. While it has plenty of hallmarks, there's a big misconception that all of this music has to be played at a crawl, as if sativa strains don't even exist! Anyone with acute sense of weed culture understands that indica strains will knock you on your ass and keep you there while a sativa will perk you up a bit and there's bands here that exemplify the character traits of each through the almighty power of RIFFS.

Primordial, out July 8 on TeePee records is the successor to 2017's debut, Abominable and over these last five years, the band has harnessed even more riff power than before and really refined their songcraft to deliver what will wind up being a top-tier stoner metal album in the early 2020s. Don't (puff, puff) pass on the chance to check 'em out and crank the title track below before diving into some more standout stoner metal bands from this millennium.

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Telekinetic Yeti, "Primordial"


    by Telekinetic Yeti
  • Elephant Tree

    This band has it all — great vocals, killer instrumentals and their music is nice and heavy yet they have great use of dynamics and groove. I don't know how this band isn't 10 times bigger.

  • 1000 Mods

    These guys destroy live and this song just has an amazing groove. It's the perfect track to start a road trip with some friends.

  • Church of Misery

    This band is super heavy and bring the damn RIFFS. What more could you want? They definitely approach it from a more retro angle and it works.

  • Truckfighters

    Super catchy with extraordinary musicianship, Truckfighters know how to write a great song with huge desert rock vibes.

  • Elder

    This song in particular just has the best mood. The bass tone and drum sound are spot on and totally crushing. This is great example of what modern stoner rock should be.

  • Bongripper

    Bongripper are definitely on the doomier side of things. They’re a great band to light one up to and chill out to if you want something meditative with good energy for being laid back. They use simplicity really well and create an awesome mood without a lot of notes. Their droniness and song lengths may be too challenging for some listeners, but if you have the patience for it and haven't heard it before, it may just be one of your new favorite bands once you do.

  • Red Fang

    This band is amazing — high energy rock 'n' roll that's super memorably and still pretty damn heavy. "Prehistoric Dog" is just one of the catchiest songs ever and Red Fang have the best music videos.

    [Editor's note: They really do have the best music videos.]

  • The Sword

    Killer guitar riffs from The Sword and another catchy as hell track with "Baralel's Blade." The whole Age of Winters absolutely destroys and was an instant classic.

  • High on Fire

    High on Fire lean more toward thrash at times and this song just destroys — an absolute banger the whole way through! Love the riffs and intense drumming.

  • Earthless

    This band's guitar player is wild AF and strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Incredible stuff that borders on space rock.

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