Matthew McConaughey is one of those men that everyone can't help but sit back and say "damn, now that is a beautiful man." 

Is it his ripped abs, his demeanor, or his deep accent? Let's be real, it's all of it.

Carl's Jr., though, decided the best part of McConaughey to use to sell their new burgers was his voice! Except having him voice these trippy burger poems are extremely different than what we're used to!

If you forgot, which you probably didn't, Carl's Jr. usually uses half-dressed women to sell their burgers so in the spirit of trying something new, why not use a man known for being pretty sexy.

These ads for the new Western Bacon Cheeseburger feature McConaughey narrating a burger flying through space, talking about the onion-ring lassos on it, and saying things like "Woah Nellie!" and "buckwild beef."

The company has released five of these ads in total and we can't lie - they're weird but they're pretty epic.

Alright, alright, alright, McConaughey we see you.

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