With Memorial Day weekend upon us, I'm sure a lot of boats will be hitting the water and now that weed is legal...what are the marijuana laws on the water?

According to WOOD, Ottawa County sheriff's department has learned that the laws of smoking marijuana on land are similar to boating on the inland waters.

Ottawa County Sgt. Eric Westveer told WOOD-TV 8 that he spoke with their attorney about the new marijuana laws and how they will enforce them. If your boat has a lower deck or indoor area, you will be allowed to smoke some pot as long as you are not driving the boat.

You can have marijuana on your boat but the amount has to be within the legal possession laws that have been currently established. You just can't openly smoke it in public in front of the other boaters.

Now if you are planning on firing up some fatties on Lake Michigan or any other Great Lake, the laws are different because these bodies of water are patrolled by the U.S. Coast Guard and weed is still illegal to the federal government. So, if you are stopped by the Coast Guard and you have some herb on your boat, you will get in trouble.

Driving your boat is similar to driving your car...you can't drive either high just like you can't drive either under the influence of alcohol.

Just remember, if you are visible to authorities and other boaters on the water, you're in public which means no toking on the boat unless there is a private area.

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