Nothing like winning a bet against a buddy but not to fun having to spend your winnings on court costs.

According to WOOD, a man is now in the Calhoun County Jail after betting a buddy that he would drive a bulldozer parked at a work site in Marshall, Michigan.

The 20-year-old man bet a buddy after a night of drinking that he would drive an unsuspecting bulldozer for a $100.

The man won the $100 bet by driving the dozer but police caught the man in the act at 2:30 a.m. Friday when the man was driving the machine in an alley near South Eagle Street and Michigan Avenue in downtown Marshall.

Unfortunately for the man, the $100 probably won't cover the charges he is now facing. Police slapped him with unauthorized use of an automobile and unlawful possession of a motor vehicle master key. This one is gonna cost a lot more than $100.

The mans name is still being withheld until his case gets formally charged.

Hopefully the judge didn't take Friday off or a night in jail will wind up being a three day weekend in jail.

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