Everyone likes to put their own little spin on a wedding proposal.  But the way that Daiwon McPherson of Alabama proposed to his girlfriend last Friday...well, it's definitely...unique.  McPherson popped the question during a staged altercation in which is his girlfriend no doubt thought he was about to get shot by police.

He was supposed to meet her for a date, but didn't show up.  Then one of his friends called and told her he was in a police chase, and was armed.  So she went to a gas station where they said he was.  Then the cops showed up, and started pointing their tasers at him.  But it was all a setup.  The cops were in on it, and the tasers didn't actually work.  But his girlfriend had no idea and just tried to calm everyone down.  Then after they made him kneel on the ground, he pulled out a ring and proposed to her

Shockingly, McPherson's girlfriend loved the whole thing!  She said she had no idea it was all a setup, because Daiwon actually has been arrested for running from the cops before.  Well, that's something!

Daiwon said that he thought it would be a good way to promote the Black Lives Matter movement and show people how the cops and the black community can work together for a good cause.  Well, that...is...true?  A lot of people think it was insensitive though.  Or at least just really, really dumb.

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