Black Sabbath is winding down their final tour of the world ever. This is it for one of the cornerstone bands. Apparently the plan is to actually retire Black Sabbath after this tour, so each show is special. And now, the Michigan show last Wednesday, August 31st is even more special, since some dorkus assaulted another dude and got arrested.

A 25-year-old guy was working on his engine in the DTE Energy Music Theatre parking lot (why?), when some rando approached him, cursed at him, and then punched him "for no apparent reason".

It must have been a hell of a punch, since the victim was taken to McLaren Oakland Hospital with possibly a broken jaw.

Was the assailant a MOPAR fan, and didn't like the guy's non-MOPAR car, or other such ridiculousness? Maybe it was an Ozzy vs Dio thing? Or just a drunk toolbag?

Whatever the reason, the dorkus is now locked up in Oakland County Jail.

Great concert story, bro.