We've got lots of great fall brews here in Beer City USA! Well, what else would you expect from one of the Top Beer Cities in the U.S.?

To amp up your 2015 Halloween party, why not turn a pumpkin into a keg?

Check out this video to get you beer drinking on Halloween-style in Grand Rapids!

The steps are pretty simple in this video from Celebrations Party Ideas.

You start out like you did carving pumpkins as a kid-- except the end result here will likely be much cooler (and tastier) than the jacked-up jack-o-lanterns you put on your porch in your childhood.

1. Mark off the area you want to cut on the top of the pumpkin, around the stem.

2. Get to cutting. Take off the top and scoop out most of the pumpkin guts, making sure  to get the seeds because they could clog your spigot. Some pulp left behind is OK-- it will actually flavor your beer!

3. Pick a spot to stick your spigot (I found some online at Amazon, Brookstone, Kegworks). Then thin out the inside of the pumpkin right on that spot. Mark it with the spigot itself, drawing a line around it. When you cut your hole for the spigot it will be the right size.

4. Push the spigot in and secure it on the inside with a washer.

5. Put the pumpkin on some sort of stand for easier access.

6. Pour in your beer.

7. Party time!

As far as fall beers, Grand Rapids has some great ones!

What other local brews do you think would go great in a pumpkin keg?

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