What prompted this woman to start digging up and working with moose poo we'll never know but it prompted one of the best local news interviews we've ever seen! 

Mary lives in Cumberland, Maine and follows moose around to gather up their poop and turn it into artwork like clocks and what she calls "fecal people" for her business called Tirdy Works.

For her signature "poo-poo clocks" Mary takes turds and puts them between each number so it reads, "1-turdy, 2-turdy, 3-turdy...etc."

Honestly Mary is hilarious and says she gets super excited when she can find all of her locally-sourced turds!

She said she just follows moose around and picks up the upwards of 200 turds they drop every time they take a dump! 

If you want to buy some Moose doo-doo decor you can find her on Facebook and she said she "ships s**t everywhere!" 

Source: WMTW