LSU Tigers pitcher, Todd Peterson, ended up winning the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks for his team after making a Hot Wings-level baseball claim!

When it came time in the 12th inning of the game for Peterson to be at-bat, Coach Paul Mainieri told him to just walk out with the bat on his shoulders and not swing.

That's when Peterson claimed he used to "hit bombs" in high school.

So coach let him go ahead and hit, why wouldn't you believe one of your own players?

Well, remember when Hot Wings said he was really great at making contact with the ball at the batting cages? This kid pulled off a similar ruse because those "bombs" he hit in high school were all during batting practice.

Yup, this kid hadn't actually been up to bat in competition since 8th grade, stepped up to the plate and hit a 2-run double and the Tigers won 6-3 in the 12th.

Later in hilarious post-game interviews Peterson admits he may have stretched the truth but truth is irrelevant when you're winning, right? 
Source: BroBible



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