Its been an unusual growing season for farmers and even though they are late Michigan's blueberry season is finally here.

According to WOOD, farmers of blueberries say their crop is a week late due to the heavy spring rains.

If you are looking at picking a bucket of berries then head south of Holland where the berries are nice and ripe. Blueberries should start to ripen north of Holland soon.

This year's berry crop should bring in around 90 million pounds which is close to the Michigan's average even with all the wet spring weather. Unlike other types of crops that were affected by the rains, the weather really had no affect on the blueberries other than a week late harvest.

Michigan was the leading state in the nation on producing blueberries up until a couple years ago. Most blueberry farms are located in Southwest Michigan.

According to the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association, may fall to 3rd or even 4th as a producer behind Georgia, Oregon and Washington. Weather has nothing to do with the trend because the three states mentioned simply increased their production of the berries.

So make sure you have your pancake mix ready because blueberries are on their way!

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