Are Logan's Roadhouse Restaurants closed permanently or open? It looks like some of them have re-opened for business in the west Michigan area.

Back in March we heard that CraftWorks Holdings, the company that owns Logan's Roadhouse and Old Chicago restaurants had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. CraftWorks is based out of Nashville and has 338 locations in 39 states and D.C. which include restaurants, breweries and entertainment venues. They planned on keeping all of them open and running.

Then, a month later, the news came out that Logan's parent company was "mothballing" all 261 locations of the popular restaurant. CraftWorks Holdings had fired their CEO Hazem Ouf and CFO Jim Lebs after the two were accused of paying the company's bills without permission. In total, close to 18,000 are receiving a pink slip. The company's other restaurant brand, Old Chicago, also fired all of their workers.

Over the weekend, I happened to drive by the Logan's Roadhouse in Grandville and it was open for business (and the parking lot was packed).

So, are they open, or are they closed?

I turned to social media and on Facebook I asked if anyone had any information the status of the restaurants.

I looks like some of the restaurants have re-opened.

According to those who responded to my post, the Logan's Restaurants in Grandville (4425 Canal Ave., SW), Caledonia (1651 Marketplace Dr., SE), and Holland have re-opened. The individual restaurant websites confirm that they are open for business.

The Alpine location (3153 Alpine Ave, in Walker) is to re-open on Monday, June 22nd.

According to the Logan's Roadhouse website, the Norton Shores and Portage locations remain "temporarily closed".

The website for the only west Michigan Old Chicago location (at 3333 28th St.,SE in Kentwood) states "We Are Open".



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