With many hospitals and medical workers in need of supplies in order to their jobs and stay protected, some folks in Holland, Michigan, have gotten creative in order to help them.

According to WOOD, disposable masks are major need at hospitals due to COVID-19 but the folks at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Holland, are making masks for workers that can be sanitized and used again.

An assistant at Macedonia Baptist Church, Elda Haak said, "we want to reach out to the communtiy in whichever way we can help them, spiritually, with materials like the masks, anything."

Haak along with three others are making the masks for medical workers which is absolutely incredible.

A pediatrician at Holland Pediatric Associates, Daniela Egelmeer said, "there are a lot more rigid guidelines normally that are in place for protective equipment for physicians, but right now, some of those are being left aside a little bit right now because we're in a state of emergency and we're not able to make everything exactly the way it needs to be but as protective as possible."

Right now the church is looking for fabric donations so the volunteers can continue to make the protective masks.

The masks that were already made were distributed to the folks working hard at the Holland Pediatric Associates on Monday.

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