Before a band get's big, they have to start off as a local band. Listeners today are getting "too used" to hearing the top hits on the radio. As a band, you need to start somewhere, and radio station's don't look at local metal enough. WGRD is putting an end to that! For this week's LOCAL METAL MOMENT, we are checking out ChuggeR!

ChuggeR is a five piece band from Grand Rapids Michigan.
Consisting of Big Brad(Vocals), JRV(Guitar), Hillbilly Steve(Bass), Action Jackson(Saxophone) and Matt(Drums). Inspired by a collection of artists from Frank Zappa to the Muddy Waters. We have all been playing music for over 15 years but ChuggeR has been performing since 2006. CHUG!

These guys sent me a couple tunes, and I enjoyed each one of them. Then I heard a very unfamiliar sound in the songs that I would have never associated this fine instrument with metal, and that was a Saxophone! ChuggeR introduces this classical instrument into their metal sound extremely well, and it really brings out the variety of what you can do with metal. There was no way I could ignore these guys. They have a good "in your face" sound and is defiantly a band you should check out.

Check out these songs, you won't be dissapointed \m/

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