You've probably heard me talking about my new garage floor coating that Absolute Concrete Coatings in Jenison just installed. I love working with a local family business that invests in West Michigan (they even give first responder discounts!), and listeners have asked me a few questions about the whole experience:

Is it just for show or do you actually do work on it? How durable is it?

It’s not just for show! It’s durable as hell! My truck leaked power steering fluid all over it and it wiped up with a shop towel. I’ve dragged my heavy jack across it numerous times and it still looks brand new. This stuff is TOUGH!

Why didn’t you go with another company or product?

Simple. I like supporting local, family businesses. Absolute Concrete Coatings is located in Jenison. Jamie and Mandy run the place. If you call them for an estimate, you’re not waiting days or weeks for someone to come out. Sure, I could have spent $100 on a gallon of “floor epoxy” at the big box store and rolled it on myself, but go ahead and look up reviews on that stuff. It doesn’t hold up.

Does your floor coating come with a warranty?

Yup, a non-limited lifetime warranty. What’s that mean? Basically, Absolute Concrete Coatings covers EVERYTHING except your concrete failing under the coating. Chip it? They fix it. Accidentally light it on fire? They fix it. FOR A LIFETIME.

How many days does the installation take?

One. Yup, one single day in most cases. ONE!

On a scale of 1-10, how sexy is your floor?

Please let the pictures below speak to the sex appeal of the floor.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Any other questions? Call Absolute Concrete Coatings for your free estimate at (616) 466-7700. Tell them I sent you and you’ll get 10% off the “Orbit” color scheme through October.

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