After all of the precipitation from the storm over the weekend, much of the region is affected by flooding.  This means that several roads are closed throughout West Michigan.

We've put together a list of the known road closures in the area.  If you know of any more road closures due to flooding, please post in the comments.


  • Konkle Dr. at Jupiter Ave.
  • River Point Dr.
  • Forest Ridge Ave.

Bowne Township

  • Timpson Ave. north of 84th St.

Gaines Township

  • 92nd St. between Hanna Lake Ave. and Kalamazoo Ave.

North of Caledonia

  • Cherry Valley Ave. north of 84th St.



North of Lowell

  • McPherson St. between Lincoln Lake Ave. and Alden Nash Ave.
  • McPherson St. between Alden Nash and Parnell Ave.



North Park

  • 4-Mile Rd. west of Briggs Blvd.
  • Canright St. at Briggs
  • Bailey Park Dr.

West of Belding

  • Ashley Ave. between Belding Rd. and 7-Mile Rd.

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