Saturday, the world of TikTok, and social media in general, got some shocking news... though we all knew it was likely coming someday - Noodle the Pug, who shot to fame on TikTok for his "Bones/No Bones Day" series, has sadly died.

Noodle's owner posted about it, and almost instantly, tributes and condolences poured in from across the country, including one pleasantly surprising account - the Detroit Lions.

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Saturday morning, we were all greeted with the hard news of Noodle's death from his owner, Jonathan Graziano, who has been highlighting the elderly dog's life over the past couple years.

Noodle rose to fame when Jonathan started posting videos of Noodles' "Bones or No Bones Day," where he would stand Noodle up in his doggy bed, and if he stayed upright, it was a "Bones Day," and you should get out and "do all the things." However, if Noodle flopped back over in bed, it was a "No Bones Day," and you should take it easy and treat yourself.

Noodle and Jonathan added hundreds of thousands of followers over that time, but sadly, on Saturday, Jonathan made the difficult news known to us all.

@jongrazIt has been the privilege of my life to care for Noodle these past 7 years. The sweetest man there has ever been and will ever be. ❤️♬ original sound - Jonathan

Obviously, fans of Noodle and Jonathan chimed in, but one of the top comments left caught us off guard. It was from the Detroit Lions' official TikTok account, offering their own condolences.


But then, below that, in dozens of replies, fans began requesting that the Lions could REALLY honor Noodle's memory by winning on Sunday against the Jaguars.

So... they did... and by the spirit of Noodle the Pug, it was DEFINITELY a "Bones Day" in Detroit, as the Lions won 40-14, continuing their hot streak, and keeping a slim hope alive to reach the playoffs.

One fan commented...

"You OWNED that game!!! 14-40, IT'S A BONES GAME!! Long live Noodle in our hearts!"

So if it's TRUE, and Noodle's spirit is driving this new life for the Lions on the field, then let's turn this Bones Game... into a Bones Season for the Lions.

Long Live Noodle.

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