Before rocking 20 Monroe Live tonight with Seether, Letters from the Fire stopped by to chat with WGRD and play some acoustic songs for us!

We talked about how the tour with Seether has been going. Vocalist Alexa Kabazie said,

It's been really sick, actually. My home town was the last show, in Pittsburgh. My whole family got to come out, it was really cool."

It was a lot. It was very nerve wracking; it was something  we'd talked about doing for a while. I don't know if we are going to keep doing it or not, I haven't really talked to him about that yet, I am hoping that we will, so hopefully everyone can see. But yeah, it was awesome."

The band has gone through a few lineup changes, with  Alexa coming on board two years ago. Rhythm guitarist Mike Keller explains that they'd parted ways with their previous vocalist and Alexa was brought to their attention:

I was like, let's see what see can do. We listened to the demo and she just killed it, so we made it happen."

The band's new album "Worth the Pain" came out in September. On how they work to put together the album, guitarist Cameron Stuckey said,

It's a mixture of all of us. Mike works a lot from his home studio,coming up with ideas, and I'll come in and bounce stuff off of him, that's just like music. Alexa deals a lot more with the lyrics and writing vocal lines. We had a lot of other people help us when it came time to actually record the record. I'd say that we all contribute in different ways."

On what the Alexa hopes people take away from "Worth the Pain",

It was really important to me on this album that everything was a personal experience or a feeling. I hope people resonate with it in some way, whether it's one song or the whole album and just take away they that are not alone going through hard stuff, because we all go through it.

Check out the rest of the interview above! And be sure to see Letters from the Fire tonight at 20 Monroe Live with Seether!

Check back for more videos from Letters from the Fire's visit, including their acoustic performance!

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