California rockers Letters From the Fire a new album out, "Worth the Pain".

From that, GRD debuted the title track wanting to hear what people think.Check out some reactions and listen to "Worth the Pain" and let us know your opinion.

Letters from the Fire brought lead singer Alexa Kabazie on board last year.

In an interview with MetalHeads Forever magazine, guitarist Mike Keller said,

“Worth The Pain” has to do with the hard times that this band has gone through.  We have had different names and many different singers.  So it has been tough.  But when we finished this record, we all looked at each other in excitement and knew that this was all “Worth The Pain.”

In talking their new album, Kabazie told Shockwave Magazine,

The whole album speaks about me personally. It is intimate and it’s a little scary to put it out there. Every song is some story about me or something that I went through. There’s stuff on there that can be hard to talk about. “Give Into Me” talks about my ADHD and “Last December” is about cousins I have that went through drug addiction. Relationship problems and things that I’ve struggled with, it’s all kind of scary. I think that it’s important and at the end of the day I remember that it’s not just about me. I’m making this music so that other people who are going through something similar know they aren’t alone."

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on "Worth the Pain” What do you think of it? Check it out and take the poll below!

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