Lamb of God released their stunning VII: Sturm Und Drang last year, and it's grabbed them more fans, like they do every time they release a new album. They had a great 2015, even appearing on TV shows to perform some of the heaviest music on television. And then they came to Grand Rapids on Sunday Night ready to kick ass!

The band has put the stress of the murder trial behind them and created an amazing album, and a new stage show that they brought to the Orbit Room.

The crowd was singing along to all their classics, and even the new stuff, showing the passion the fans have for the band.

They kicked off with "Desolation" from their Resolution album, and then continued to pummel the crowd with heaviness from "512", to "Still Echoes", "Ruin", and more, only letting up to play their first song with clean vocals, "Overlord". This song was a huge departure for the band on the new album, and yet still sits well in their set.

They then kicked things back into high gear to finish of the set in Grand Rapids. They are such a powerhouse band, and Randy is all over the stage, jumping around, screaming, and doing everything in his power to keep the crowd raging all night.

If you're into heavy metal and haven't seen Lamb of God, you need to make sure you go next chance you get. Great band!