"It's a Christmas Miracle!" Aren't these words everyone wants to hear during the holidays? This Christmas, you could hear "God bless us, every one" from a very special Kentwood man, if you help him with his Christmas need.

He's got a simple request on Craigslist for you single moms, or ladies out there:

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 4.25.58 PM

Some people are super easy to make happy, and you're probably not using them anymore, right? I mean, this guy is offering CASH MONEY for your dirty undies! Go grab a multi-pack for cheap, wear them a little bit, and then sell them for 10x what you bought them for!

That's not creepy AT ALL!

And it's for Christmas, so you're doing a good thing.

Also, I'd like to make it clear that this is not my ad.

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