In Melvindale, Mich. a couple had planned a beautiful day to get married. But things took a turn for the worst when a couple of wedding crashers decided to steal all of the gifts their guests had brought them.

ClickOnDetroit reports that Alicia and Darreck Traylor got married Saturday, August 22, in a field behind Darreck's mother's home.

The day was even more significant because the couple had originally planned to get married last year, but had to push it back after Darreck was shot three times at a birthday party.

There were roughly 150 people in attendance at the wedding Saturday, so a few wedding crashers went unnoticed. That is, until the end of the night when it was discovered that all of the gifts that guests had brought - including money - were gone.

It was then that speculation fell upon three women who were at the party who told others that they were asked to bring all of the presents into the house. The presents didn't make it into the house, and the women disappeared.

Police are currently investigating, and a GoFundMe has been set up for the Traylors.

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