Korn, Breaking Benjamin, and Bones UK came to rock Grand Rapids Thursday, January 30th!

If you were there and want to relive the night, or you couldn't make it out, check out videos from their show at Van Andel Arena to see what you missed!

What an awesome night! AND an awesome crowd who sang their hearts out when Breaking Benjamin took the stage. The band opened with "Diary of Jane" and rocked "Blow Me Away" about the 10th song in.

During "So Cold" frontman Ben Burnley asked to have the house lights brought up, it appeared he had spotted someone in the crowd who needed help. He asked the crowd to part and make a path so staff could reach the man, who, from the sound of it, was having some sort of medical emergency.

"Everybody else OK in here?" Burnley asked the crowd. "I'd do the same for any one of you man, no man left behind. We gotta make sure everyone is alright." He asked to have the lights left up, so the man could get treatment while the show continued.

Before their last song, Burnley thanked the crowd and said, "I'm going to say it every night. What an honor, and what a privilege it is to be up here on the same stage as my idols, Korn. I've been a fan of Korn ever since I was a kid... It's an honor and a pleasure to know them. They influenced Breaking Benjamin into the band that we are today. There would be no Breaking Benjamin if there was no Korn, that's a fact." They ended their performance with "I Will Not Bow" as fans joined them on stage.

Anticipation was high when lights went down and the cover of Korn's new album, "The Nothing", took over the stage. They came out swinging with "Here to Stay" and then launched into "Blind". The crowd went crazy! When Jonathan Davis growled, "Are you ready?!", the entire arena definitely was. Check out the video at the top!

Warning, F bombs ahead :)

Before breaking out a new song,"Cold", Davis screamed to the crowd, "Grand Rapids! How the f--- y'all feeling tonight? It feels so good to be back up in this mother f-----! Some of you know this, some of you don't, last year, us as a band we turned 25 years old, y'all. Twenty five mother f------ years of Korn! On behalf of myself, Munky, Feildy, Head, and Ray, we want to thank you guys so f------- much for everything we've ever had! Thank y'all so much! Y'all got me pumped up tonight, mother f-----! Can y'all do me a favor and scream because it feels so good?! I like that sh--!"

And those good feelings and that good sh-- continued for the rest of the show!

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