There's more brewing in Grand Rapids than craft beer! A new kombucha microbrewery is launching soon in GR.

According to Grand Rapids Business Journal, the owners of "Zenned Out Kombucha" have secured space and are in the process of moving in to the Downtown Market's incubator kitchen.

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GRBJ reports that co-owners Kyle Manning and Matt Hoff first started with home brewing and sharing their kombucha with friends and family.

In a statement to their Facebook page, Manning and Hoff talk about the start of their business:

It all began when we were on a path to leave behind a life of poor health choices and start choosing a more health-conscious one. This is where we fell in love with kombucha — a product that immediately provided positive health benefits for us. We want to offer YOU the same positive benefits in kombucha that we found.

What makes ours different? Our cultures, they are so different you can literally taste it. With the vast assortment of kombucha on offer, we carefully and thoughtfully made on of the best recipes around. From the first sip you'll be feeling that ZEN. We can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Zenned Out Kombucha will launch in March. They'll start off fully e-commerce, but hope to eventually to sell in stores. You'll also be able to get Zenned Out Kombucha at Juice By J, a smoothie and juice bar downtown GR.

I'll be honest, I've seen kombucha in stores... but I wasn't *exactly* sure what it is. Basically it's a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. Hoff tells GRBJ they use green tea to make their kombucha, which they say they've gotten good feedback from people who've tried other kombucha before and didn't like it:

“It’s not as sharp, maybe, for people who wouldn’t like kombucha to begin with. A lot of the black teas have higher tannins in them, which gives it a ‘deeper’ flavor, which is not a bad thing, but it kind of doesn’t appeal to a broader amount of people.”

Zenned Out Kombucha will offer delivery to West Michigan customers and they also have a monthly subscription service.

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