If your looking for the most metal female band, you need to look no further than Kittie. They have been around for some time now, and usually are comfortable with the underground metal scene, but they still kick ass as they always have. Cool thing is though, we may be graced by the presence of the original Kittie once again!

According to the bands Twitter Page, this Tweet was listed:

If we did shows with the original lineup (@fallonbowman, @TanyaCandler) and played all of ‘Spit’ in its entirety, would you come? And where?”

Seeing the original members of Kittie would be like a blast from the past....not to sound old or anything, but those chicks know how to bring the effin' metal!

If you want this to happen, tweet back to Kitties' twitter if you want this and where you want them to go! HELL YEA!