Well, the "Sunday Lunch" videos from King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp and his wife, Toyah Willcox, aren't getting any LESS weird...

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Fripp and his wife, who's also a musician and actress, have been sharing their (extremely unique) takes on different songs during the pandemic, from what looks like the kitchen in their home.

We've seen their bizarre cover of Metallica's of "Enter Sandman", performed while Fripp strums away and Wilcox rides an exercise bike, and Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" in which Wilcox dons a cheerleader uniform and shows off her moves.

Yep, pretty out there. I guess what was missing was a snake?

Well, that's what they've added in their latest video, a cover of Foo Fighters' "Everlong".

This installment in their Sunday Lunch series starts with a disclaimer:

No animals were harmed or mistreated in the filming of this episode. ​All handling was done under the strict supervision and instruction of a trained professional.

Right as they are finishing up, there's a dinging sound... perhaps their actual lunch finishing up in the microwave?

I wonder what Foo Fighters' thoughts are on this eccentric take on their song? Well, they did Tweet an article sharing it, their only comment a snake emoji.

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