Over the weekend while thousands of people enjoyed live music and great beer at Burning Foot Beer Festival in Muskegon, a local brewery lost part of their snake sculpture set up at their booth.

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The festival posted on Sunday that part of a snake sculpture set up at the Starving Artist Brewing Company booth was stolen during the event.

The snake was on loan from Haunted Acres in New Era, who asked for the heads return:

This was stolen from the Starving Artists booth at Burning Foot Beer Festival yesterday. If you know who or anything about this can you message us here please. We were trying to make our booth fun for everyone and this is what happens. Such a bummer. Just want it back as we have to use it this haunt season. Thank you!

The brewery found that the head of the snake was missing on Saturday night and didn't mince words on a social media posting:

Stealing shit isn't cool. Snake head is gone.. If you know who took it, get it back to us and you will be rewarded. If you took it, bring it back and we won't hunt you down.

Concert-goers then shared pics of the snakehead to help in its recovery:

If you know the whereabouts of the snake's head, you can contact Starving Artists Brewing Company on facebook or call them at (231) 794-1399. Currently, they will take back the head with no questions asked.

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