A gym owner in Kentwood has teamed up with other gym owners across the state of Michigan in order to file a lawsuit against Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon.

According to FOX 17, like all other gyms across the state, Endurance Fitness Center in Kentwood has been shutdown since March 16 due to slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Endurance Fitness Center owner Jason Fuhrman said, "the longer it last, the more obvious the effect is."

There are a total of 165 gyms that are in on the lawsuit against Whitmer and Gordon.

Fuhrman went on to say, "I realized that I had an obligation to do this. What's happening to us as a business community and what's happening to us as the population of Michigan is wrong."

The attorney that is representing all of the gym owners in the lawsuit, Scott Erskine said, "the privileges and immunities clause, is a clause in the Constitution and one of the things that is says is, 'The citizens of one state, shall enjoy the rights of the citizens of the other states.' In all of our border states, the gyms are open. In Michigan, right now, you can't have a gym and that's been taken away."

The plaintiffs believe the should be open in order to help people because with physical and mental health benefits but at the same time offer a safe environment to do so.

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