Recently, the founder of PlenishCleanse published her "Day on a Plate" of what she eats on a typical day, as she's going about her routine. The above tweet about it sums up things perfectly.

Have some real freaking food, lady! Her day consisted of no actual food all day!

Do real people actually eat like this? I've never even met anyone this hardcore about not eating actual food.

So, this makes me think about what I'd write for my "Day on a Plate". Let's take a normal day around the station for me.

7am - Wake up, struggle against my loathing for all the hours between 2am and noon for even existing.

8am - Sample my newsfeed on Facebook, and glance over the recent YouTube uploads to my subscription channels.

9am - Swallow small amounts of water as I shower gracelessly, brush my teeth, and feed the pet...try not to eat the dry food.

10am - Stagger into my office, make some hot chocolate and try to look cool with all the coffee drinkers. Swap this with a soda during the summer.

11am - Sit at my desk, wondering if it's too early to be this hungry.

12pm - Look up and decide it's okay to declare that it's time for lunch.

1pm - Actually get out of my office and go to lunch...either run to Fat Johnny's for their salad bar or a sandwich, or be really lazy and hit Friday's downstairs for something with way too much salt. (Cajun Chicken and Shrimp pasta today.) I also inhale a bunch of sodas, to get my daily caffeine intake up to normals levels.

2pm - Realize my airshift starts at 3, and immediately get hungry again.

3pm - Lock myself in the studio, and feel my stomach begin to ask when the next meal will be. (Why does going on the air make everyone instantly hungry?)

4pm - Wander to Ned's office to see if he has any candy. Fruity-flavored wax things that pass as candy will suffice.

5pm - Drink way too much water, attempting to keep the hunger at bay.

6pm - Wonder if I could sneak away early to eat, or if I should finish the show. Eat another couple little wax almost-candies and some more water.

7pm - Start planning dinner, while moving back into my office to finish up more work.

8:30pm - Pack up my stuff, lock up the office and head to Taco Bell, abandoning my plans to have a nice, healthy dinner. Instead, picking up a couple bean burritos and a soda, going home and watching all the new videos on my YouTube subscription list.

1am - Drink water straight from the tap for a couple minutes, to make sure I have to get up and pee at least a couple times during the night, turn out the lights and close my eyes, ready for multiple pee trips!

I know, I will be dead soon, with this crappy lifestyle.

What's your "Day on a Plate"?