A recent survey done by cheaters' website Victoria Milan uncovered what kind of music people who have affairs listen to.

Out of 12 different styles of music, those who listen to heavy metal ranked as least likely to cheat. Way to go loyal, awesome metal fans!

Turns out, it's jazz listeners who are creepin' out on their partners the most! In a June interview at Graspop Metal Meeting, Priest members commented on this survey that found heavy metal fans ten times less likely to cheat on their significant others than jazz fans.

When asked about the study, guitarist Richie Faulkner said he hadn't heard about it, but explained,

"I think every everyone's loyal to the right person, in that respect. If it's something that connects with you musically or emotionally, I think everyone's as loyal as they can be, you know what I mean?! Whether it's metal or a person…" (via Blabbermouth)

Bassit Ian Hill tried to explain why it was possible that jazz fans were less faithful,

"Jazz is something… generally very complicated, and [I would] imagine [a lot of the] people involved in it are also complicated. There's a larger threshold for things to go wrong there. But with metal, the way people dress is a certain way — with the hair and the denims and the leathers and what have you — you ain't gonna attract another person that doesn't also look a little bit like that, so there's already an affinity there. You've got an interest right from the start, and it's something to hold on to, together. Even when things are going wrong, at least you've got a common love of music, or a particular type of music." (via Blabbermouth)

Here's the breakdown of percentage of cheaters there are by musical taste. Check out the rest of the interview with Faulkner and Hill above!

  1. Jazz 19%
  2. Salsa 14%
  3. Pop 13%
  4. Country 12%
  5. Rap 9%
  6. Classical Music 8%
  7. Blues 6%
  8. Reggae 5%
  9. Rock and Roll 5%
  10. Electronica 4%
  11. Indie 3%
  12. Heavy Metal 2%