There was a survey don't recently by and affairs website, Victoria Milan, to discover what kinds of music people who cheat listen to. Some people would think that metal fans would be disloyal, deviant, and ready for cheating on their significant others.

But apparently, it's the classy jazz peeps who like to do the extracurricular activities. Sleazy, jazz scum.

From the list of music styles generated, metal fans are the LEAST likely to cheat! Way to go metal peeps! Way to represent! Here's the breakdown of what percentage of cheaters there are by genre:

  1. Jazz 19%
  2. Salsa 14%
  3. Pop 13%
  4. Country 12%
  5. Rap 9%
  6. Classical Music 8%
  7. Blues 6%
  8. Reggae 5%
  9. Rock and Roll 5%
  10. Electronica 4%
  11. Indie 3%
  12. Heavy Metal 2%

Jazzers are almost 10 times more likely to cheat than metallers! So next time you're out and meet someone, talk about music. If he/she listens to jazz, they might be out cheating on their SO. Back away slowly.

Besides, they'd probably make you sit in smoky jazz clubs, listening to David Sanborn...and that's even WORSE than cheating!