Most people will hopefully never have to come face to face with an armed robbery.  One employee at a Jimmy John's in Kansas City, MO not only found himself in that very situation, but handled it like a champ.

On Wednesday, the aforementioned Jimmy John's was held up at gunpoint.  The robber shoved the gun right into the cashier’s face, who is the store’s assistant general manager, and he nonchalantly emptied the drawer and gave the robber the cash.  TMZ interviewed Tuker Murray, who called the robber a “bitch,” and said that he was shocked to learn from the KCPD that the guy had pulled off 12 similar robberies, referring to him as “amateur hour.”  Murray also said that had he known the gun was jammed, he would have tried to take the gun from robber.

Tuker, you are either really ballsy or really dumb, especially since this guy still hasn’t been apprehended by police.  All in all, he kept his cool like the cold cuts he slings on a daily basis.

Check out the video of both the robbery and the interview with Murray below!

Source: TMZ

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