On Friday, July 6th, the road to Bloodymania 6 came to town as Juggalo Championship Wrestling invaded The Orbit Room.  I was there and here's what happened...

The show started with Madman Pondo and The Necro Butcher hitting the ring.  They cut a promo and challenged the team of Corporal Robinson and The Rude Boy to a no holds barred, no DQ, falls count anywhere match for later in the night.

Next was the show's opening contest.  Former NWA and ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino defeated Zach Gowen by pinfall.  Corino was easily the show's top heel.  He constantly bashed the Juggalos, calling them "losers and retards" and saying "you Juggalos are like a cult and like any good cult you should all kill yourselves".  Juggalos took offense and began throwing stuff in the ring at Corino.  The night was off to a fantastic start.  Zach Gowen, who once enjoyed a stint in WWE, was in great shape and still amazes me every time I see him perform.  He had cancer as a child and had his left leg amputated, yet still moves in the ring better than most wrestlers who have two legs.  He is probably the most inspirational pro wrestler in history.

In the next match, "The Richie Boy" Bryer Wellington was introduced.  Then his opponent was introduced, former WWE and ECW superstar Rhino.  Then the crowd got a huge surprise as it was announced this match would be a triple threat match.  The third competitor?  None other than the "Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Arabian Whirlwind of Destruction, Sabu!  In the end, Wellington scored perhaps the biggest victory of his career when he won the match by pinning Sabu after Sabu had taken a Gore from Rhino.  Rhino looked better than ever and would be a valuable asset to WWE or TNA right now.  Sabu also looked good, considering he just got out of a California rehab facility.  I'd like to see him get just one more shot at the big time.  He has been the most influential pro wrestler of the last two decades and rarely gets the credit he deserves.


The Weedman defeated "The Emo Warrior" Jimmy Jacobs.  Jacobs was solid as usual, but it still amazes me that The Weedman can wrestle after hitting a blunt about 50 times prior to the start of the match.  Anybody near ringside can easily catch a buzz during a Weedman match.  Steve Corino later said "Lou Thesz is rolling over in his grave knowing that you are smoking an illegal substance in a wrestling ring!".  Corino was the best on the mic all night.

A giant, face-painted monster named Kongo Kong defeated ShockWave The Robot.  Kong moves insanely well for a big man.  He delivered a splash from the top rope that was the best I've seen in a long time.  Wrestling needs more monsters like Kong.


Ring Girl Randy defeated Miss Geeves in women's action.

JCW Tag Team Champions The Ring Rydas defeated The Nigerian Nightmares.

JCW Commissioner Violent J came to the ring for an interview segment that resulted in Corporal Robinson and The Rude Boy accepting the earlier challenge of Madman Pondo and The Necro Butcher.


JCW Heavyweight Champion 2 Tuff Tony defeated Officer Colt Cabana.  Cabana got good heel heat as a cop who threatened to arrest Juggalos for breaking the law, including telling one half-naked Juggalette in the crowd that he would arrest her after the show because he knows she's prostituting.

In the main event, Madman Pondo and The Necro Butcher defeated Corporal Robinson and The Rude Boy in a bloodbath that spilled out all over The Orbit Room.  All four men were a bloody mess, but The Rude Boy seemed to have gotten the worst of it.  He was convulsing and vomiting blood after the match and had to be attended to by medical personal.

Music all night was played by DJ Clay and commentary for the IPPV was done by Kevin Gill and Shaggy 2 Dope.

All in all, it was an excellently booked pro wrestling show that featured a little of everything.  Good angles, good matches and good promos.  The whole Juggalo thing may be too much for some people, but if you are a fan of pro wrestling, then Juggalo or not, I think you would definitely enjoy Juggalo Championship Wrestling.



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