There is one major rule when it comes to being a professional wrestling fan and that is DO NOT, under any circumstances (unless prompted by a wrestler), PUT YOUR HANDS ON A WRESTLER.  That is a fantastic way to get the crap kicked out of you severely. Let's just take a quick note of the dude's arm who recently tried jumping Dave Chappelle as an example of what can happen to you if you do. Another great example is the infamous night in Flint, Michigan where a dumb fan jumped the gate into the hands of one of the most savage wrestlers of all time, The Sheik.

In the summer of 1978 at The Flint Industrial Mutual Association Auditorium, or IMA, Sheik was booked in a match against a bitter rival, Bobo Brazil for Sheik's U.S. Title. During the match, as professional wrestling photographer and attendee John Bradford McFarlin recalls, a fan came over the gate and began yanking Sheik off Bobo, leading to a scary incident which began by dropping Bobo and grabbing the fan by the hair:

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He kicked him in the groin and, still holding on to the guy’s hair with one hand, began firing a rapid series of punches to the head. The fan went down, and the seated rent-a-cops suddenly realized that this wasn’t in the script. Eddie Farhat Jr. was yelling in their ear to smarten them up, so that helped. The cops jumped in to save The Sheik — who by this time was beyond saving. They frantically tried to pull him off the poor dude but it wasn’t working. Sheik at one point seemed to bite right through the guy’s nose.

That's just a fraction of what you can receive if you decide to make a dumb move like that.

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