Some of you may remember back to the summer of 2009 when I was an intern on the Free Beer and Hot Wings show. They called me JMV, or Jackie Man Voice. A name that I really don't mind because it's kind of true. I was goofing around on their website the other day and found a few of my old intern blogs! HAH! Check out this one here.

Here's a little thing I like to call, What Jackie-Man-Voice Thinks.... Not to be mistaken with what Hot Wings Thinks... because what I think matters much more :p

On todays show Hot Wings talked about Harry Potter, I would quote him but everything he said was so inane I can't bring myself to make you read it! According to him and the other guys, Harry Potter is pretty much for nerds... THIS IS FALSE! I myself LOVE Harry... He is the effing man! If liking Harry Potter makes me a nerd then hell yeah! GO NERDS!

Well The movie premier for, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince came out in theaters Wednesday the 15th of July.

One of my Dearest friends we will refer to simply as "M" shares my love for Harry and his wizarding wonders, so the two of us made some pretty kick ass costumes to wear to the premier at midnight! (This obviously got a laugh out of the guys)

Now the conversation took a turn when Producer Steve chimes in that he has been getting emails from listeners asking CRAZY , STALKER-LIKE questions about me, one including: "Can I get JMV's number I would really like to ask her on a date" Now as flattering as that is, people, I do have a brain in my skull!!! Who in their right mind would go out on a date with someone who only knows them from what they hear on the radio! well I wouldnt... thats nutty, you would have to have a big bag of pecans in place of your brain to think that I would do that... Not to mention I think Producer Steve would be missing a couple teeth if he started handing out my number to random callers... So I just wanted to say this because:

I do have a couple pretty funny pictures dressed like the man himself, Harry Potter, the thing is crazy people ruin it so Im not going to put them up... anyway to finish up this blog I want to say:


NERDS UNITE! Go see Harry Potter, it's Awesome, secondly I want to add for a last time, we love callers on the show as well as your emails, but don't freak us out by asking what we look like or if we will date you, cuz we all know that thats just plain stupid!

Im Jackie Man Voice, and Thats What I think... ;)

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