I hate snow! Well I love hate it... It is very pretty. I like this time of year, like Christmas, and New Years, BUT I absolutely hate running in the snow! Give me a cold day for a run and I'm all about it, but throw some snow in there and I'm ready to throw some punches.

I decided to spice up my winter running though; I am preparing for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Happening in just a few short weeks! I heard about a run happening over at Striders in East Grand Rapids. I was intrigued when I saw, "we encourage you to dress in holiday wear." Now I don't know what that statement says to you, but it tells me that this is a theme run... that means I can wear a costume and essentially go costume crazy! I LOVE IT! So I went out and put together my best "holiday running attire" this consisted of a ribbon bow tied in my hair like Pebbles from the Flintstones, A child's size silver tutu over my running tights, and my favorite holiday shirt that says, "Santa, please excuse my bad behavior."

I rocked out this race all right, Santa Style! It was a great time too! We ran out at night with all the twinkling lights and all of us had jingle bells tied to our shoes.

I am pretty positive I just described Shaffee and JT's worst nightmares. Nonetheless it was a great time to kick off the holidays!