I want to take you back, back to a time when I was a lowly intern known only as JMV or Jackie Man Voice. I knew I wanted to go into radio but didn't know really how to start other than my internship with Free Beer and Hot Wings. My friend Jimmy who worked with me at, wait for it... Bennigan's, decided to do a podcast with me known as, "The Jackie And Jimmy Show." It was awful! We recorded it in Jimmy's moms basement, and everything was done on our own, we made the theme song, we came up with everything (not to say that makes it any better but maybe you can appreciate the time we spent creating this thing.)

Fast forward, now I am not just co-workers/show hosts with Jimmy, but I am marrying the bastard! yup, that is happening. Anyway found this gem of a podcast here and I just had to share this thing. We were about 21 years old in this, now we are 28.

Listen to the awfulness below-

The Jackie & Jimmy Show Episode 3-

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