Jackie’s Motorcycle Photo Shoot With Jason Hite
My buddy Jason is a photographer that works closely with Stellafly, a group that is all over Grand Rapids at the hottest events, Stellafly tracks everything and is everywhere! Well Jason and I decided to have some fun with my new motorcycle and get a couple shots in over by the Kent Trails off Butterworth Street in Grand Rapids. Check out the photos here-
Jackie Relives Her College Podcast Take 2
Last week I was reliving my old college days and played you an episode of, "The Jackie And Jimmy Show." My podcast that my now fiance and I recorded in his mom's basement... classy right? Well I decided why not share another fantastic episode of this hit show, (sense my sarcasm?) This time we had gone online and found an article about wedding crashing. We at the time worked at a rest
Jackie Relives Her College Podcast- The Jackie & Jimmy Show
I want to take you back, back to a time when I was a lowly intern known only as JMV or Jackie Man Voice. I knew I wanted to go into radio but didn't know really how to start other than my internship with Free Beer and Hot Wings. My friend Jimmy who worked with me at, wait for it... Bennigan's, decided to do a podcast with me known as, "The Jackie And Jimmy Show." It was awful! We recorde
WGRD Staff Photo Shoot Preview!
Check it out, so after some persuasive talkin on my part I convinced the guys to be part of a photo shoot with me.  They mumbled and grumbled but they eventually gave in.  We had my pal Sharon owner and operator of EarthTones Photography come in and do some rockin, kick ass shots...