Love podcasts and True Crime? I sure do! Well, if you're like me, a new podcast that tells a disturbing medical malpractice story from right here in Michigan could be right up your alley.

If you haven't listened to Dr. Death, Season 1 yet, I highly recommend. The Wondery podcast details the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Texas surgeon who seriously injured thirty-one patients; two more died during his operations. Duntsch came to be called, as you may have guessed, "Dr. Death"... well, Wondery has found another person with that nickname -- Dr. Farid Fata, of Michigan.

I completely missed this story in the news! Apparently Dr. Fata is a Rochester Hills oncologist who knowingly gave chemotherapy to patients who DID NOT have cancer.

According to the Detroit News:

Fata was sentenced in 2015 for orchestrating a wide-ranging Medicare and insurance fraud.

He bilked Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare of about $34 million by prescribing chemotherapy to cancer-free patients while over-medicating others at his five Detroit-area hematology and oncology clinics.

Fata is currently serving a 45-year sentence in a South Carolina federal prison.

"Fata’s underlying criminal conduct demonstrates a total lack of compassion for his many victims over the years...Significantly reducing his sentence would unjustifiably mitigate the nature and circumstances of his horrific offenses committed on human victims, undermine respect for the law, not result in a just sentence, undermine the deterrence factor of his criminal conduct, and finally, given his prior misconduct, not protect the public from his potential for further criminal activity if released."

Dr. Death Season 2 premiered October 27th.

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