Alright, the Jackie And Jimmy Show kind of made me want to give my own show thing another try!  But this time I think I'll do a web show, on screen- Jackie Green On Screen?  I'm liking it...  But I want to know what YOU think I should talk about.  Clearly I'll talk about Grand Rapids, cosplay, video games, music, you know, the essentials.  I'm putting together my first episode this week.  So comment below with something you want me to cover!

I also sing as many of you know.  I'm not really good or bad.  Like you wouldn't listen to me and say, "Holy cow what an amazing singer!" but I'm also not tone deaf if that counts for anything.  Well I'm bringing in Jimmy to join me at the end of each episode to play a song with me, and we are taking requests!  What do you want to hear?  Remember its acoustic but we can make any song work really.  Request a song you want to hear and we will play it!

Here is Jimmy and I a few weeks ago at an open mic