I first became familiar with "The Punisher" when the movie starring Tom Jane came out in 2004.

I was a senior in high school and went to go see it with a group of friends. The other girls in my group said it was OK, but I loved it! I ended up going again to see it with my dad, and then bought the DVD. I used to watch it in my dorm when I was pre-drinking with my college buddies!

I've began reading a few of the comic books to familiarize myself with the background of Frank Castle; and the guy is a bad ass! He is the coolest anti-hero ever.

I think the hardest part of doing a photo shoot embracing the comic's characters and theme was finding weapons to use. Castle uses anything, the guy had a gun that shot swords in one of the comics I read! Well, clearly I couldn't get anything as cool as that because I am pretty positive that doesn't exist.

My brother-in-law (my sister's husband) apparently is a weapons enthusiast and brought over everything he has.

Now, I know I'll be getting some slack because I have a sword and "The Punisher" never uses a sword. Blah, blah, blah. Well, I highly doubt Castle would throw a fit if there was a sword there and he needed a weapon.

My sister (DM Photography) shot the photos, and she did an incredible job! It was freezing outside and it was right when the snow was starting to really come down. So, you can imagine how cold we were.

We went out to the back alley behind Stella's (my favorite bar!), and shot the majority of the photos there. We also made our way into Vault Of Midnight comic book shop in downtown Grand Rapids for a few photos.

Check out more of my sister's work HERE.

Normally, I do my own hair and makeup on shoots. But this time I had an entire entourage (which was awesome)!

Makeup was done by Erick Gerson Rodriguez, who also did my makeup for my wedding. Hair was done by Sin Chun, of Sin Republic salon.

Sin took real bullets and put them in my hair. I kept thinking what if something happens and a soccer ball or something comes flying at me and bounces off my head: BAM!

That's how I live life, though; on the edge.

Here are the photos. I may have more to share later on!


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