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Jackie’s Cosplay – ‘The Punisher’
I first became familiar with "The Punisher" when the movie starring Tom Jane came out in 2004.
I was a senior in high school and went to go see it with a group of friends. The other girls in my group said it was OK, but I loved it! I ended up going again to see it with my dad, and then boug…
Catching a Sneak Peek of Jackie’s ‘Punisher’ Cosplay
Over the weekend, my sister (who is with DM Photography) visited. We decided to finally do my "Punisher" photo shoot.
My brother-in-law came along to be a prop. Well, he actually came because he had nothing to do and he also brought me guns to use -- and a s…
Jackie Gets Medieval In Recent Photo Schoot
There are so many shows out right now that follow the same theme, medieval awesomeness!  First off we have the ever popular, Game Of Thrones, followed by The Tutors and now the CW is bringing us Reign!  I'm a bit of a nerd TV addict.... I think it may have something to do with working…
Sneak Peek At Jackie’s Medieval Photo Shoot
Sunday my sister and I went thrift store shopping and put together this fabulous look... medieval look!  I have more photos to come, but wanted to share just one teaser!  We shot this back home in Portage my old stomping grounds... We went to a park I used to run cross country practice at,…
Jackie Cosplays- Harley Quinn: Arkham Asylum
I am so excited about this cosplay. Harley Quinn is my favorite comic villian. For one thing her story is wicked cool and there should be a movie role for her... come one the lady was working the psych ward, falls in love with a patient we know as the joker and runs away and becomes a crazy little s…
Jackie Cosplays- Wonder Woman
This was a mega fun cosplay shoot! I got to emulate one bad ass woman super hero... WONDER WOMAN! I have been so excited to shoot this cosplay, and the coolest part? My sister was the one who photographed it! Yeah my little sister Danielle has a photography business, DM Photography.
Jackie Cosplays- Modern Wonder Woman
Alright You may have seen my post yesterday of my Wonder Woman Cosplay. My talented sister shot them for me! Well we decided to change up the costume and shoot some more! This one I call The Modern Rockstar Wonder Woman! Check these ones out!