Free Comic Book Day is a fun holiday, where you can get a FREE comic book! I love it when the name of a holiday makes it clear what happens. Seriously, what are you supposed to do during "Advent"? But on Free Comic Book Day, you go to a comic book store like Vault of Midnight, and you can get a free comic book!

Doors at Vault of Midnight open at 10am, and the store will be open and giving away comics until 10pm! You can also sample some Madcap coffee, but try not to spill all over your new comic.

But there's more than just free comics happening on May 6th. There's also a sidewalk festival from 10am to 5pm, with games, trivia, and things built by comic book aficionados for your enjoyment. There will also be  reading and writing students from the Creative Youth Center!

But that's not it, either...there's also a Cosplay Contest you can get into! Dress up in your best cosplay, snap a photo of you at the Free Comic Books Day party at Vault of Midnight, and you could win comic book swag, tickets to the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and more!

I want to see some cool cosplay out there on May 6th! It'll be fun!

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