Let's hear it for things that go bump in the night! Everybody loves a little scare this time of year, and nothing makes the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck more than a good old-fashioned haunted abode.

Nestled in towns and cities across America lies a chilling mystery that has captured the imagination of thrill-seekers and curious souls alike in the form of a "typical" house. Thankfully, or maybe not, someone decided to enter the haunting realm of the spine-chilling phenomenon and search out those places that deserve the notorious title of some of the creepiest homes in the U.S.

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The gang at 24/7WallSt. got together and created a list of those worthy enough to be deemed  "The Creepiest Haunted House in Every State". The goal was to search out those places with a story to tell, frightening as it may be.

"We drew on information from the websites of places alleged to be haunted, paranormal resource materials, and media reports to determine the creepiest haunted place in every state. We considered the number of cited haunting incidents as well as the story behind a place’s spectral episodes to decide our choices", they wrote. 

Although a few may be other places than a traditional home, such as a saloon or hotel, the common precedence for terror lingers.

What is the Creepiest Haunted House in Michigan?

According to 24/7WallSt., the creepiest haunted house in Michigan is the David Whitney House located in Detroit. Although now a popular restaurant and venue for events, the David Whitney House has quite a haunted past. Here's what they had to say about the choice:

"David Whitney Jr. made a fortune in the lumber industry and used some of his wealth to build an opulent mansion in Detroit in 1894. He died in the mansion just six years later. Reports have alleged that his ghost still haunts the mansion. Today, the home’s third-floor bar has been renamed the Ghost Bar".

It's been said that many of the unexplained events are linked to the tales of David Whitney Jr. and his wife both dying inside the mansion. One of the most haunted areas of the home is rumored to be the elevator, which has a tendency to move without passengers and on its own. 

Are you brave enough to step into the unsettling embrace of Michigan's most enigmatic home? Can you uncover the truths hidden within its walls, or will you succumb to the mysteries and haunts that have plagued the house for generations? Why not pay the ghosts and spirits a visit and check out The David Whitney House?

See the full list of "The Creepiest Haunted House in Every State" here. 

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